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How to setup custom A record for my domain?

If you have a domain registered with WireNine without hosting, you can use our default registrar name servers for free DNS Hosting. Your Domain's name servers must be pointed to the DNS settings provided below or the Manage DNS option from the client portal will not function.

These are our default registrar name servers:

  • dns1.name-services.com
  • dns2.name-services.com 
  • dns3.name-services.com
  • dns4.name-services.com
  • dns5.name-services.com

Follow these steps to setup a custom A record for your registered domain name;

  1. Login to the billing portal at https://my.wirenine.com/
  2. Click on "Domains" from the sub-navigation of the portal, and select "My Domains".
  3. Beside your domain to the right, click on the Blue button labeled "Manage Domain
  4. Click on "management tools" tab on the right.
  5. Select "Manage DNS" from the drop down list, and you can setup your custom DNS settings.

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