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How do I move an addon domain to its own cPanel account?

This guide will teach you how to split up an addon domain on one account into its own cPanel account. This is useful for Reseller or VPS Hosting customers.

To move an addon domain from one cPanel to it's own cPanel account, follow these steps:

  1. Download the contents of the addon domain folder to your computer that is located within the public_html directory.

  2. If you have email accounts setup for your addon domain, navigate to the mail directory and download the addon domain folder. Navigate to the "etc" directory and download the addon domain folder from there as well. These folders contain your email accounts and email messages for the addon domain name.

  3. Backup any associated database(s). In cPanel, open up PHPMyAdmin. Select the database you would like to export and click Export at the top of the page. Hitting the Go button will download the database to your computer. 

  4. Once you have downloaded the website files, email, etc folder, and databases, remove the addon domain from under the Addon Domains section in cPanel. (You do not need to delete the original content or original databases.)

  5. Log into your WHM control panel and create the new cPanel account. Fill out the form, using the old addon domain name as the domain. If you have not removed it as an addon domain, you will not be able to create the new cPanel account.

  6. Once the account is setup, using your FTP client upload the content of your old addon domain to this new cPanel, in the public_html folder and upload the mail / etc folders to their designated locations ( mail & etc folders do not go inside the public_html folder).

  7. Log into the new cPanel and restore the database backup(s). Navgiate to MySQL databases in cPanel. Recreate the databases and use PHPMyAdmin to import the database dumps you exported from the old cPanel account. 

  8. Once the steps above are completed, don't forget to update any configuration files for database driven sites. Your databases will have new username prefixes before them, so you will need to update the database name and database username.

Your Addon domain website migration is now complete. You have moved all website files, databases, and emails to its own cPanel account.

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