How can I get SSH (Shell) Access?

WireNine offers SSH (Shell) access for all shared & reseller accounts, open a ticket with support to request SSH access & SSH port.

SSH is a powerful service which allows you to log into the server remotely to perform specific tasks. Common tasks include checking for new mail (via pine) or sending outgoing mail (via sendmail). Other common tasks include modifying file permissions, using compression utilities (tar and zip), and using editors (such as Pico or Vi) to modify files on the server side.

With SSH access comes a shell. The shell you use simply acts as a layer of communication between the command-line and the Operating System. The command line passes arguments directly to the shell, where they undergo several tests. If successful, the command is passed on to the operating system

To connect using SSH, just connect to (replace with your actual domain) and the operation is performed.

What SSH client do you recommend?

We recommend PuTTY. You can download it here.

What other SSH clients can I use on my account?
You may use any SSH client you wish. Use of SSH is certainly not restricted to our recommended software. There are dozens of high quality SSH clients to choose from, all of which have their benefits and downsides.

Where can I obtain other SSH client applications? has a wide variety of SSH clients.

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