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What are Entry Processes in cPanel?

When you log into cPanel you will notice "Entry processes" on the sidebar with a number. This is the number of connections your account can process simultaneously. Your entry processes limit will vary by plan.

Please note, the number of simultaneous connections is not the same as the number of visitors you can have on your website at one time.  That means a limit of 30 entry processes does equal to 30 people visiting your website. Connections are only counted while they process, as soon as the process is complete it is no longer counted as an active process. For example, if your website has a visitor and it takes 1 second to load while generating only a single HTTP connection, that visitor will count as a single process. Although they will continue to view your website, they will no longer be counted as an active process until they do something else to create a new process such as navigating to a new page.

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