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How to Reset WordPress Password

Resetting your WordPress Admin Password

This guide explains how to reset the password of the admin account of your WordPress installation. Login to cPanel and go to Softaculous, find your wordpress installation.

1) Click on the Edit Icon.


2) After clicking on the Edit Icon you will be redirected to the page where you can edit the installation.

3) On the Edit Installation Page, you will find the section Admin Account as shown here:


4) Enter the admin username for which you want to reset the password in the Admin Username and enter the new password in the Admin Password field as shown in image below:


5) Now save by clicking on the Edit Installation button at the bottom of the page.

Your admin password is now changed and you can access your installation's admin panel using the newly set password. 

Manual Password Reset

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Under Databases, click phpMyAdmin.
  3. Now choose the database where you have WordPress installed. (If you are not sure check the database details from wp-config.php file of your installation)
  4. Go to the users table and look for the username for which you need to reset the password
  5. Now click on the Edit button corresponding to your username
  6. Enter the new password you want under the Value column next to user_pass field
  7. Choose MD5 from the dropdown under the Function column next to user_pass field
  8. Hit the Go button
  9. The password encryption will not look as the previous one because we chose MD5 and WordPress uses a different hashing method
  10. Don’t worry. Go to the login WordPress login screen and login with the new password. On successful login WordPress will convert the new password as per WordPress encryption hash.

That’s it you have successfully reset the password for your account for your WordPress blog.

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