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You have a few options if your domain enters redemption:

  1. Bid for the Domain Auction - You can try to retrieve the domain by bidding on the auction. However, this does not guarantee a domain's redemption.

  2. Accept a Refund for the Amount Paid for the Domain Name - This option is only applicable if you paid late without realizing your domain was in redemption or if you paid within the grace period but failed to notify WireNine.

  3. Register a Different Domain Name - WireNine will gladly help you find domain names with different TLDs or similar ones. If you already submitted a payment to renew your domain, WireNine will apply the amount paid to the new domain.

  4. Wait for the Domain to be Released to the Public for Purchase - Unfortunately, WireNine does not control when an eNom domain will be released, nor will we be notified when this happens. You will have to simply register the domain name once you notice it becomes available again.  This could be anytime from the day your domain falls into redemption up until the next expiration date.

Most Domains expired longer than 29 days will enter a redemption period. eNom requires $250.00 redemption fee plus the cost of the domain renewal fee to renew the domain name. WireNine will require you to pay this cost. If you are reneweing a domain past its expiraton date, make sure you contact our team to ensure your domain renewal request was processed.

Once in redemption, the registrar, eNom, may auction the domain to the highest bidder or release the domain so that it can be registered again. eNom does not notify us when they do this, and they cannot be forced to do so.


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