Can I renew my domain name after it expires? Print

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If you are renewing a domain past its expiration date, you must contact our team immediately after paying your domain renewal invoice to confirm that your domain renewal went through successfully.  If you do not contact us within the grace period, you are solely responsible for any redemption fee penalities imposed on your domain name. In most cases, you can renew the domain after it expires, however it depends upon the domain's extension and its registry rules. If the register & domain extension allows it, your expired domain is held for a few days waiting for you to renew it.

For some domain names (such as .com, .net and .org) there is a grace period to allow you to renew your domain name after the expiration date without penalty. After the grace period, you must pay a redemption fee plus the cost of your domain renewal if you wish to keep the domain name.

For some of the domain extensions, primarily country code (cc TLD) extensions, there is no grace period. Once your domain expires, you have to pay a redemption fee plus the renewal to keep your domain name.

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