Help my site is down, why cant I load my website?

Wait, hold on a sec! Do not panic!
Please go through this check list before contacting us, if you have any trouble with any of these steps you can contact our tech support for assistance. 
Verify the outage first, go to and enter your domain to check your site availability from different locations all over the world.
If Host tracker is able to reach your website, but you cannot. There is a problem between your connection and our servers, that means everyone else is able to load your website without any problems, but you are experiencing one of the following issues:
  • Firewall block. This can happen for a number of reasons including but not limited to login failures to cPanel, FTP or email services. Most of the time the blocks are temporary and last only up to 30 minutes, however sometimes the server can permanently block your IP for repeated offenses.

    We offer a simple way to unblock your own IP without having to contact us. Just log into your client portal at upon your successful login, the portal will automatically check your IP against the server firewall and offer removal assistance. There is also an option under the Support menu > UNBLOCK IP for unblocking any 3rd party IP addresses.

  • Your account is exhausting the CPU/memory or other resource limits of your plan. Simply login to your cPanel control panel, and check your resource usage from "resource usage" section. It will also provide information on whether your account was throttled for exceeding the limits of your plan.

  • Your ISP (Internet service provider) is having connectivity problems with one of our data centers. Even though you may be able to load other sites such as Google, Yahoo or does not mean there isn't a connectivity problem between your ISP and the peering route it takes to connect you to our servers. In this case we ask you to please send us a traceroute from your PC to your domain.

  • Check to make sure that your domain was renewed on time with your domain registrar and has not expired.
If Host-tracker is reporting an outage for your domain, please check our community status updates or twitter feed for any scheduled maintenances or reported outages. If you do not see any status updates from us, go ahead and get in touch immediately.
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