How to Install a WordPress theme with FTP Print

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If you have a large or custom theme, you may need to upload it using FTP or file manager.

Using FTP

  1. Connect to your hosting account using your favorite FTP client. 
  2. Browse to the /wp-content/themes directory for your WordPress installation.
  3. Upload your theme to this folder. (If your theme is zipped, you will need to unzip it using the file manager method below).

Using File Manager in cPanel

  1. Login to your cPanel control panel ( example )
  2. Seach file manager using the search bar.
  3. Browse to your WordPress installation, usually inside the public_html directory.
  4. Navigate to the /wp-content/themes directory
  5. Upload your theme by clicking the "Upload" icon from the menu and selecting the theme file from your personal computer.
    (If your theme is zipped, select the theme file and select "Extract" from the action menu to unzip)

After you have uploaded the theme, simply activate the theme from your WordPress administrator dashboard.

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