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How to add a cPanel server to WHMCS
  1. Begin by creating a Server for your cPanel products to be assigned to in WHMCS by going to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Servers and click on Add New Server
  2. Enter the server name, IP address, select the server type "cpanel" from the dropdown menu and enter the username and password for cPanel/WHM
  3. Alternatively you can use the username + access hash combination. This is the more secure option and can be obtained via Cluster/Remote Access > Setup Remote Access Key in WHM. NB. The "WHM" login button will not function.
  4. Ticking the SSL Mode checkbox is also recommended, but all other fields are optional
  5. The default port will be displayed. If your server is configured to communicate on a different port, tick the Override with Custom Port checkbox and enter it into the Port field. For more information refer to Server Port Overrides.
  6. Click Create Server to complete the process and add your new cPanel Server

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