How can I Set Up E-mail with Mac OS X Mail?

Follow the steps below to configure your Mac OS X Mail with your WireNine email settings.

Before you begin, you will need to create an email account from your cPanel control panel. 

Step 1.
Open Finder and launch the Mail application

Step 2.
Click on the Mail button from the menu and select Preferences.

Mac Mail preferences

Step 3.
Click the Accounts icon at the top of the window and then click the plus sign (+) at the bottom-left of the window to add an account. 

Mac Mail Add Account

Step 4.
Enter your Full Name, Email Address and Password. When finished, click the Continue button.  

 Mac Mail Add Account

Step 5.
Incoming Email settings
  • Select your account type, POP or IMAP.

  • Enter a Description to differentiate your email account from other have added to Mac Mail.

  • Enter as the Incoming Mail Server 
    (replace with your actual domain name)

  • Enter your full e-mail address as the User Name

  • Enter the e-mail account's Password

Click Continue button when finished.

MacMail account type

Step 6.
Outgoing Mail setup

Enter a description to differntiate your smtp mailbox.


  • Outgoing Mail Server:
    (replace with your actual domain name)

  • Use only this server: Checked.

  • Use Authentication: Checked.

  • User Name: Enter your full email address e.g.

  • Password: Enter your password for the account.


Click Continue.

Mac Mail Outgoing settings

Step 7.
Review the information you entered on the Account Summary screen. If all information is correct, check the box for "Take account online".


Click Create.

Mac Mail Create Account

Once you click on the Create button, you will be able to send and receive emails from your Mac Mail client using your WireNine email account.

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