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Changing Web Hosts? Step-By-Step Guide

We'll Guide You Through Step-By-Step

Changing web hosting providers is a simple process, which can be accomplished with minimal hassle and downtime provided certain steps are followed in order. This guide lays out the steps in switching to a new and successful web hosting experience with WireNine.

  1. Sign up with our hosting service

    The first step would be to find the perfect web hosting package for your website and sign up with our web hosting services. Please remember not to cancel service with your old web host, or tell them that you are moving at this point because they could terminate your site early and cause downtime.

  2. Backup

    Ensure that you have a full working copy of your website files, databases, cgi scripts, etc. stored on your computer. Download or record any pertinent email address settings, passwords, log file data, statistic reports, etc. from your current host.

  3. Transfer your data

    Upload (ftp) your website files to your new account with us, install and configure any databases, scripts, etc. Setup your email accounts. Test your website by using the temporary address provided in the welcome email.

    Note: If your current host uses cPanel, we will transfer your files & databases free of charge! Just submit a ticket under Support > Website transfers after you have signed up with us, include your old web hosting company's login details.
  4. Change your Domain's DNS

    Modify/Transfer your domain name to use WireNine's Name Servers

    Your name servers should look something like:

    Your DNS settings will be included in the welcome email.

    After you have made the DNS changes please allow up to 24 to 48 for your DNS to propagate worldwide. During this initial 24 to 48 hours period your site might work one minute then be offline the next. If after two days your site is still not working, please contact our support department immediately.

  5. If you have any questions we would be more then happy to assist you, or even make the DNS changes for you at your domain registrar.

  6. Say good bye to your old web host

    After 48 hours of updating your DNS, cancel web hosting service with your previous host provider.

Already paid someone else for service? We'll buy your contract out!*

WireNine makes it easy to move away from your current Web host, even if you already prepaid for hosting services. We'll reimburse you for that expense, so you don't have to be at a loss for those prepaid services. We will provide a credit to your WireNine account for the total prepaid amount, not to exceed $25.00 for the remainder of your previous provider's hosting services. Simply email our billing department with a copy of the welcome email you received from the previous company and a copy of your cancellation notice. We'll handle the rest!

*This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. 


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